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  • Welcome to the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce!

    Our Mission:

    • We will provide guidance to advance the commercial and industrial economic programs throughout the Village of Lansing, Illinois and its trade area.
    • We will foster, enhance and promote civic, social and cultural endeavors in the Village of Lansing, Illinois and its trade area.
    • We will diligently support a positive business atmosphere for the Village of Lansing, Illinois and its trade area.
    • We will consistently work on behalf of the business community to create and maintain an environment conducive to the creation and expansion of businesses within the Village of Lansing, Illinois and its trade area.


  • Family Giving Program

    Our Chamber helps Lansing families in need during the holidays and at the beginning of the school year by giving out backpacks and school supplies. We work with our Lansing school social workers to help at least one family from each school during the holidays. This program has total anonymity and we are only given information such as age, sex, sizes, and interests, of the children. The Chamber then uses our donations to purchase everything we possibly can for each child which include clothes, toys, shoes, and food for the family. Those items are then returned to the school social workers and they get them to the parents. Last year we were able to help 20 children from the Lansing community. We have fundraisers to raise money for the program which include our Pancake Breakfast with Santa sponsored by the Lansing Copper Muggers. All proceeds go to the families. We are also very lucky to be a recipient of some of the money raised from the "Round Ball Classic Basketball Tournament" in town.  We also take donations from individuals, no donation is too small.

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    Hosted by the Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Lansing Roundball Classic is a fund-raising basketball tournament featuring 5th grade boys teams from Lansing schools.  Event will be held on February 21st - 23rd, 2019. The championship game will be played on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019. This year we will have the District 158 schools (Oak Glen, Coolidge and Reavis) along with Heritage Middle School, Lansing Christian and St. Ann all competing for the coveted team trophy.  During halftime sessions of every game there is a Hot Shot contest where the 5th grade girls from the respective schools will also compete.

    A spirit contest is held - the school showing the most school spirit and best sportsmanship gets their school name engraved on the "Ray Shrader Plaque" (former Memorial coach and principal).

    In addition there is a yearly food drive contest held among the schools during the week leading up to the tournament.  Collected food is taken to Memorial Junior High were it is donated to the Lansing Food Pantry.  This allows the athletes and other students to gain the valuable experience of helping those who are truly in need.

    Donations are greatly appreciated and ALL proceeds from this tournament are donated to various Lansing charities.  We invite you to come out to the games and  experience the fun!

    DONATIONS ARE CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED.  Please mail all donations to:  Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce, ATTN:  Lansing Roundball Classic, 18155 Roy Street, Suite 3, Lansing IL  60438